Friday, October 26, 2012

MoticNet: Your Classroom Assistant

MoticNet represents the next step in science classroom management. Designed for and inspired by the success of digital microscopes, MoticNet is a software program that allows digital microscopes to be linked together in a network so that one teacher can have full and instant access to any student at any time. Having a live image transmitted at high-speed directly from the microscope to the computer means that students no longer have to fight over who gets to look through the eyepiece. With MoticNet, teachers can promote team work and group thinking easily.

Just imagine the possibilities in the classroom! Each student has the opportunity to explore and present findings to other students with keystroke guidance from the teacher. Teachers are able to broadcast from their computer workstation to the entire class through the simple click of a mouse, making this a truly interactive experience.

With digital microscopy at its core, this integrated software includes other teaching tools and is the core of classroom networking. This must-have expands its usefulness outside of teaching with microscopes and becomes even more versatile in the classroom.