Monday, October 8, 2012

"Learning Biology With a Digital Microscope"

After collaborating with TERC, a leader in STEM research, Swift Optical Instruments produced the first Swift Lab Manual for use with Swift digital microscopes and digital imaging software. Score! 

The lab manual is geared towards high school grade level (9-12) biology courses, but can certainly be adapted to other grades. With 20 hands-on activities, divided into four theme-based units, it is the ultimate learning resource for science classrooms. The activities in the manual can be done in order or individually with appropriate preparation.

The manual is linked with National and Key-State biology/life science standards (Texas, New York, California and Florida) along with four nationally recognized high school biology textbooks. This manual is proving to be your best friend in high school labs.

The activities in "Learning Biology with a Digital Microscope" give students endless opportunities to explore the living world around them. The teacher-friendly nature make it just as valuable to teachers as it can be for students. Easy to follow step-by-step instructional student sheets insure that all activities are classroom ready.

Learn more about Swift digital microscopes' greatest companion here.