Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Will Students Learn more in Social Gaming (in the future)?

Admittedly this news is confined to History, Politics, Social Sciences classes, but we can't help ourselves but wonder what would happen if STEM classes are incorporated into gaming as well.

When learning equals fun, and fun equals learning, we think e-learning is definitely moving in the right direction.

There is much creativity happening

Teachers? Opinions?

(via techcrunch)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Teacher (and Teachers-to-be) Scholarship Alert

For Teachers-to-be:

AFCEA Teacher Scholarship

Amount: 50 Scholarships of $5000 each

Who is this for? Undergraduates, graduates and anyone pursuing the credentials to join the STEM teaching community in the U.S middle or secondary schools.

For Teachers:

STEM Teacher Scholarship

Amount: $5000

Who is this for? future teacher attending a Virginia college or university in honor of The Honorable John W. Warner, former United States Senator. 

Additional Teacher Scholarship - $2500

Robert Noyce Scholarship Program

Amount: Not Specified

Who is this for? STEM majors and professionals looking for a career change into K-12 Math and Science Educators

Apply by: March 26, 2012

Microscopic Organisms Living in Water

For your entire life you've probably been told not to drink pond water, water that's been sitting for days or "dirty" water when you travel to other countries.  What is it about this water that makes it so bad?  Sure, it doesn't always look that refreshing when it's green or brown, but is there something else in it that makes it that dangerous?  Check out the microscopic images these videos captured in pond-like waters!

This water was gathered, put in a beaker and then let on a balcony for three days! Look at what started to call that beaker home.

Here are 10 microscopic organisms that tend to grow, live and thrive in water similar to that water found in ponds.  After seeing this, you'll think twice before you drink or swim in pond water again.