Thursday, July 26, 2012

No Student Left Behind with MoticNet

Being a teacher just became a little easier with MoticNet innovative software!  Motic Net represents the next step in classroom management. Motic’s own application software is included with every Motic Digital device and ensures that all core parts of image analysis for school students are catered for.  Precise and repeatable measuring tools and included in every software version enabling students to easily and quickly learn from the image they see by themselves or in teams.  Having a live image transmitted at high-speed directly from the microscope onto the computer eliminates student arguments regarding who will look through the eyepiece.  Discussions, team work and group thinking have never been easier.

Teaching tools have been integrated into the system as well.  With text-based programs like instant messages instructing a particular student that he or she is looking at an air bubble to multiple-user virtual chat rooms, the teacher can communicate with every student from their work station. For students who need audio communication, Motic Net also includes an integrated digital audio communication system; all  you have to do is equip each computer with a headset and microphone.

Motic Net expands its usefulness outside of teaching with microscopes and becomes even more versatile in the classroom.  Having connected and networked each computer station and linked them back to a central control station operated by the teacher, the system allows each student station to be completely controlled. Therefore, even third party programs like math or language software, can be launched and used with Motic Net as a networking program.  Allowing full remote keyboard and mouse control, and Windows-based program can be started, controlled and manipulated remotely by the teacher for classroom benefit.

MoticNet teacher screen.