Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Buying a Microscope

You've figured out what microscope is best for you and you're ready to dish out the money for one that'll be worth it. Here's the top ten features to think about as you make this purchase. Remember, in many instances, you're investing in the future!
  1. Student-Proof Features: Things like locked-on eyepiece(s), one-piece head, retractable objective lenses and locked on stage clips can make a world of difference in the classroom.
  2. All-Metal Construction
  3. Built-In Cord Holder
  4. Unique Features like retractable sealed objectives, built-in carrying handle and Pointmaster eyepieces can make your microscope even better!
  5. Warranty: Make sure you're familiar with the warranty of the microscope you're looking to purchase.
  6. After-Sales Supports: This can be crucial when you excitingly unpack your microscope, think you're ready to go and then something doesn't work right. Technical and digital support can get you back up and running.
  7. Energy-Efficient Illumination: Cool light, low electricity use, long-lasting bulb, easy bulb access.
  8. Variable Illumination
  9. User Manual
  10. Standardized Design to Meet Curriculum Needs