Friday, October 19, 2012

The Secret Life of Scientists

The misconception that science is a rigid subject for people who play by the rules is enough to turn any girl away from it - and lately it has been. In an effort to bridge the gap between girls and STEM fields, STEM4Girls has compiled a number of videos from various mentors in STEM related fields, showing young girls that women in STEM careers are ordinary women with a passion for what they do - that's all that matters.

Erika Ebbel was studying at MIT when some friends signed her up for a pageant. After realizing that the skills she needed to compete in pageants were important skills to have, Ebbel signed up for another pageant, won it and qualified for the Miss Massachusetts pageant. Ebbel would win that pageant as well. Her story is a great example of how a woman can pursue a STEM career and embody all things beautiful at the same time. 

Watch Ebbel's video below. To view more mentor videos, visit STEM4Girls' website.