Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Talking to Teens About STEM

Can there really be anything more difficult for a parent than sitting down with your teen and relaying the dangers associated with drugs?

A recent study by Intel says yes! Intel, a member of Change the Equation, found that parents would rather talk to their teens about drugs than match or science. I know what you're thinking - because I'm sure it's the same thing I was thinking - but since a large percentage of today's parents don't have strong backgrounds in science or math, they struggle coming up with stories to relay to their children. They are, however, able to come up with stories about how they feigned off drugs.

Many parents said they'd welcome a "one-stop shop with materials to refresh their existing, but unused math and science knowledge so they can better help there kids."

There's one more problem here. Parents aren't normally able to suppress their own dislike for math, relaying it onto their children sometimes unintentionally. In a survey that Change the Equation conducted just two years ago, more than one third of Americans admitted that they often say they can't do math. Just about one third said they'd rather clean the bathroom than solve a math problem.

Could refreshing STEM skills and changing attitudes be an integral part to the current STEM revolution - I think yes!

Check out Change the Equation's website for more!