Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Science Experiment: Make it Rain!

You may have more rain than you'd like this summer, but for those sweating out the summer and doing their best to make it through another drought, the four letter word never sounded so good.  Either way, why not make some rain of your own?! Help your kids understand the weather and what really causes it. This might even help curb some weather related fears your little ones are hanging on to. 

Grab these items to get started:
  • Glass Jar
  • Hot, hot water
  • Plate
  • Ice Cubes
Once you have you're supplies, get started! (And it's totally okay to call yourself the rain man/woman if you'd like.)
  1. Heat your water until it is just about boiling and pour it into your glass jar.
  2. As quickly as you can, cover the glass jar with your plate and then place the ice cubes on top. You might also want to keep a towel handy for any unexpected spills that might occur.
  3. Sit back and watch what happens as it begins to rain inside your jar! 
So what's really happening, here? The warm, moist air from the water rises and mixes with the cool air created by the ice cubes causing condensation first, and then rain.