Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Students: Apply for the Polar Research Experience!

Good news if you're currently a 10th or 11th grader: the National Science Foundation (NSF) is currently accepting applications from 10th and 11th grade students with a strong interest in the natural sciences and a passion for learning to participate in the 2013 Joint Science Education Project (JSEP).  JSEP is a unique summer research project in - are you ready for this? - Greenland! The program has two parts: The Kangerlussauq Science Field School, sponsored by the Government of Greenland; and the US-led Science Education Week, sponsored by the NSF.

So, what happens if you're selected? This summer, all of the selected US high school students will join their peers from Denmark and Greenland to spend three weeks conducting field science in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland and visiting a research station on the Greenland ice sheet. Students will work with Arctic scientists along with their peers on research projects in a variety of fields including biology, geology, climatology, chemistry and engineering.

This program is sponsored by the NSF's Office of Polar Programs and is in collaboration with the Joint Committee. Each year, JSEP is led and supported by one of the Albert Einstein Distinguished Fellows. Leading the 2013 JSEP experience is Lynn Foshee Reed (NSF, '12-'13).

Students have until February 15, 2013 to submit their applications. The application and more information can be found at www.arcus.org/jsep. Spread the word and apply today!

JSEP 2012