Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2012 Olympus Bioscapes Digital Imaging Top Prize Given to Video

Take a look at the winning image - or in this case, video - of the 2012 Olympus Bioscapes Digital Imaging competition, an annual microscopic photography contest now in its tenth year. Although there were a number of stunning photos captured via several imaging and microscopy techniques, Ralph Grimm's video of colonial rotifers - microscopic beings that sustain themselves on dead bacteria and the like, for those of you who aren't too biology savvy - stole the top prize.

Though you might suspect him to be, Grimm isn't a professional videographer nor a research scientist able to get his hands on the latest and greatest imaging equipment. Instead, he's a 45-year-old high school teacher from Australia that thought the lilypads growing in his pond looked much cooler at 200X magnification than they did just sitting in the water. 

Check out Grimm's video at the top of this post and view the other top images here.