Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Grant Alert Part 1: Discover the Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie in your class now

Science Teachers, did you think we were going to rub it into your faces the charm and glory of the superb Marshmallow Cannon creation and then leave you stunned and helpless? Let us assure you that you thought only partially correctly. We compiled the following list of Grant Funding so now your class can invent the best Oreo Shotguns. And beyond. 

K-12 Teachers, Earn up to $200 for your Science and Math Programs, brought to you by AIAAThe American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

If food is too much of a carnal motivator for your students, and your class wants something more intellectually stimulating, well: does RoboRescue fit the bill? You get to make robots and your robots get to help deliver medical supplies in dire life-and-death situations.

Aerospace Grants by the Air Force Association. Nuff' said. Since we believe in the proverb "hard work and preparation meets opportunity", we encourage you to start writing your applications for this undeniably cool grant offer. 

Are you passionate about Entomology? Say, studying insects under a microscope? Look no further and take the chance to expand your current curriculum! Entomological Foundation beckons. 

Extras! Because in case none of the above interest you and you want to strike your own pot of gold, a well-written grant proposal will always be appreciated. Here's some Grant Writing Tips from BP. 

With the above funding and resources, your kids can make rocket science happen, literally! Stay tuned for Part 2.