Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Education Revolution...

Is an online education revolution coming? Or is it happening already? We have compiled a list of existing online tools designed to make the life of the teaching community a lot easier.

Teacher Tube

Instead of clicking around hopelessly on YouTube where you are guaranteed distraction, teachers can now upload their teaching videos in one place to share with like-minded educators and students.

Be data driven, Not data drowning.

Kickboard keeps classrooms afloat. Integrated student academic and behavior records highlight trends. Automated classroom management systems save teachers time. Customizable settings mean Kickboard fits your school's existing systems from the start.

Kickboard for Teachers

The command: Be Data Driven. Manage your class efficiently by having an automated management system in place where you can sync class data (grades) into meaningful trends (the correlation between student grades and behavioural problems). Bless your data analysis junkie heart.


The Facebook of eClassroom. A "secure social learning network" that solves the problem of schools banning Facebook. It encourages interaction and collaboration among students and teachers because it puts you in the mindset of socializing, with teachers, and students.

Edutopia - "K-12 Education & Learning Innovations with Proven Strategies that Work" Cleanly packaged website with a  clear goal. How-to videos are posted based on real life case examples, such as, online learning in Idaho. Any forward-thinking educator can now share their teaching experience with online and digital tools.

With start ups launching at a heady pace, and iPads being hand out to students to promote a digital learning environment, there is bound to be a learning curve for educators as they embrace this new technology and fancy management systems.  Are teachers ready for this revolution? Can we find the right way to use these new tools for the same purpose - to teach effectively? How are teaching methods different because of the different tools used? We welcome the input of all teachers who are curious enough to test this technique and those who are ahead of the curve and using these digital tools.

(via Fastcoexist.com)