Friday, February 3, 2012

Scanning Electron Microscopes and YOU!

First created in 1935 of silicone steel by Max Knoll, scanning electron microscopes (SEM's) have been evolving and creating unimaginable pictures ever since.  A SEM is a type of electron microscope that uses a beam of high-energy electrons to scan the surface of images.  Consequently, the electron beam produced by the SEM near or at the surface of the sample being viewed and creates a high-resolution, 3D image.  Magnification levels can be as large as 250,00 times!

Environmental Graffiti created a self-discovering journey through the human body that starts at the head and ends in lower abdomen.  During your adventure, you'll see what's normal, what cells that are tainted by cancer look like and what happens when an egg meets a sperm.  I'm certain that you'll never look at yourself - or think of the inside of yourself - the same way again.

Check out "15 Beautiful Microscopic Images from Inside the Human Body."