Thursday, February 21, 2013

inSPIRE STEM USA Grows by Nine

inSPIRE STEM USA announced the addition of nine new members yesterday, including four key education organizations! This is great news as the coalition continues its efforts to strengthen the nation's education stream of students trained in STEM and computer fields.

Joining the coalition are:

inSPIRE STEM USA now has 31 members that include education organizations, businesses and advocacy groups!

Beneva Schulte, the coalition's Executive Director, told STEMblog that, "the diversity of inSPIRE STEM USA demonstrates the broad-base of support for establishing a stronger STEM education pipeline in the U.S." She continued, "The pipeline is crucial to helping the nation develop the talent that will drive American innovation and one of the fastest growing segments of our economy."

Schulte also explained to STEMblog that the nation's education system simply does not produce enough workers trained in STEM fields to keep up with the number of jobs in those areas. We've heard them time and time again, but the numbers really are shocking. The U.S. economy creates approximately 120,000 new American computing jobs each year, but the nation's higher education system awards just 40,000 bachelor's degrees annually in related fields.