Monday, February 25, 2013

Inaugural STEM Innovation Task Force Meet & Greet

The STEM Innovation Task Force (SITF) is made up of 15 innovation leaders in STEM from across the public and private sectors and works to share priorities in key pocket areas of innovation, drive priority interests and develop ideas and solutions related to STEM innovation topics.The Task Force also selects pockets of innovation within the STEM education ecosystem for analysis, mapping and promoting general understanding of the relationships between STEM talent development, STEM job creation and workforce career paths in STEM. For more information about the Task Force, contact Edie Fraser (

So let's meet some members of the Inaugural SITF, shall we?

Cindy Moss, Inaugural Member of the SITF: Dr. Moss is the Director of Global STEM Education Initiatives at Discovery Education. After teaching high school biology and chemistry for 20 years, Dr. Moss lef the district STEM education initiatives in Charlotte, NC for nine years. Cindy understands the challenges that face STEM educators and now works with school districts, companies, nonprofits and governments to provide teachers with what they need to provide high quality, engaging STEM teaching to their students. Dr. Moss is also a 100 Women Leaders in STEM honoree!   

Shelia Boyington, Inaugural Member of the SITF: Shelia Boyington, MS, PE is co-Founder and President of Thinking Media where her focus is the Learning Blade, a supplemental innovative system that includes curriculum that is focused on offering students real world learning experiences in STEM education. Boyington has also been a large part of implementing STEM programs and curricula at the state and local level.

Tim Welsh, Inaugural Member of the SITF: As Senior Vice President of National Industry Strategy Group at the University of Phoenix, Tim Welsh brings over 25 years of experience as a professional service executive. He focuses on connecting the workforce needs of our nation's economy to the curriculum, training and preparedness that students receive in school.

Learn more about other members Adriane Brown, Leland Melvin, Candy Duncan and Chair, Heidi Kleinbach-Sauter and Co-Chair, Alex Belous, on STEMblog.