Friday, September 28, 2012

Swift's Veterinary Scopes

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Just like with standard human laboratory medicine, veterinary microscopes are used for diagnostic methods that benefit our furry and feathered friends. Sine patients can't communicate, diagnosis and treatment becomes increasingly more difficult and complicated. With a Swift veterinary microscope, veterinarians can examine skin samples, hair samples, bodily fluids and much more from their patients. Using a high power biological veterinary microscope, indications of parasitic infections neoplastic disease, microbial infections and much more can be seen and treated. More detailed and extensive lab work is usually required for things like pathology, microbiology and immunology-based tests. Swift's stereo veterinary microscopes can be used for basic quick viewing of samples at lower magnifications and simple dissection work enabling veterinarians to utilize common microscopy techniques like brightfield, darkfield, and phase contrast.

Pictured is the Swift Digital M10LB-MP, a binocular microscope with LED. This is just one of Swift's veterinary microscopes!