Thursday, January 26, 2012

CSI: Your Home

Ever wish you were a hard core crime scene detective that put all the clues together, figured out who the bad guy was and led the way to his capture? Well here's your chance to do exactly what a forensics team does during their investigation after a crime.  Investigators look for clothing fibers, carpet fibers, hair, fingerprints, soil that could've been tracked in on shoes and, of course, blood stains.  While it doesn't seem like these things would tell you much about who was where or who committed a certain crime, under a microscope, several details come to light.

Grab your microscope, a magnifying glass, some plain glass slides, some paper and a pencil, samples of hair from people and animals and numerous fibers like wool, silk and rayon, and get ready, you're going to be the next big detective!

Visit Home Science Tools' website for information on how to see and use fingerprints, hair and fibers when solving a crime.